Wiring Harnesses

When vehicles began using plug-and-play connectors to connect electronic components, it forever transformed the way we replace car stereos. The development of the wiring harness makes it quick and relatively easy for any do-it-yourselfer to install an aftermarket in-dash receiver. Once you determine which harness is correct for your car, you will simply connect the color-coded wires to the matching wires on the aftermarket stereo using solder or butt connectors. From there, installation simply involves mounting the new radio and wiring is as easy as plug-and-play. Even if you prefer to have the stereo installed by a professional, you can rest assured that no cutting/modification of the existing wiring will be necessary to install your new deck. We carry industry leading brands such as Metra and PAC, to name just a few.

As cars have become more advanced, wiring harnesses have also transformed from simple adapters to complex computer interface modules. If your car has a CAN (controller area network) bus electrical communication system, a special wiring harness module may be needed to ensure compatibility with your factory stereo. Likewise, cars with premium features such as OnStar, steering wheel controls, SYNC and others often require specialized adapters to maintain the functionality of these options when the radio is replaced. Although these adapters are often a bit pricier, we offer a discount on any premium accessories when purchased with an aftermarket in-dash receiver! Check out our wide selection of wiring harnesses – we’re sure to have the right model for your car!