Car Subwoofers

When considering car subwoofers, there are many factors to consider, depending on the sound and type of system you desire. Space and budget considerations are also important.

Frequency Range

In general, a subwoofer’s frequency range has to do with how low of a frequency it can accommodate. Other factors, like the enclosure type and sensitivity ratings, can also affect the quality of the tones produced, rather than just frequency range alone.

Subwoofer Enclosures

Enclosures for car subwoofers vary in size and options available. Some include the Subwoofer and Amp, while others are simply the box itself. Component subwoofers come separate from the enclosure, however you can also purchase a subwoofer already packaged in an enclosure. And some of these enclosures require an External Amp, while others (like power subwoofers) include the amp and subwoofer within the box. Keep in mind separate components equal greater flexibility and the ability to customize your system to meet your needs.

Power Ratings

There are two very different types of power ratings: RMS and peak. RMS, generally expressed in a range, is the most critical, since it measures the amount of power that can be handled continuously. Peak power, on the other hand, is exactly what it sounds like — it is the maximum amount of power the subwoofer can handle at any given time. It is important that an amp be matched to the subwoofer, to ensure optimal sound quality and avoid damage to the speakers.

Car Subwoofer Sizes

Subwoofers carried by Caraudio Closeout range from 6-1/2", 8" and 10" to 12", 15" and 18" dimensions. However, size does not determine speaker volume, performance or sound quality. Where it does become important is when considering speaker location and space limitations.

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