Car Speakers

Car speakers are an important element in the overall car audio system. They should work together with your In-dash car receiver, Amplifier and other components to produce the optimal sound quality. They are also a low-cost way to improve your stereo sound, as factory-installed speakers are a lower grade and do not perform as well, especially over time.

Range of Speaker Sizes

Car speakers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3.5” to 8+”. When swapping out factory-installed speakers, make sure the dimensions of the new speakers fit within the space of the ones they are replacing. Also, it is imperative to ensure the speakers work with the rest of your system to not only provide high sound quality, but also to avoid damage to your Car audio system.

Full-Range Speakers

Many new cars come with full-range speakers, and they are just what their name suggests; they output a complete range of tones in one speaker. In doing so, they are not able to cover all ranges equally well to produce the high quality sound you may expect of your Car stereo system.

Component Speakers

Component speakers, on the other hand, produce a much higher sound quality, as each component produces a different range of tones. This system of speakers usually includes separate Woofers and Subwoofers for lower frequencies, Tweeters and super tweeters for higher tones, and mid-range speakers (also known as mid-bass drivers) for all the sounds in between. By working together and complementing each other, they are able to provide a stronger, higher quality sound.