Power Amp

A power amp is what puts the power in the system that you are using to play music or other audio to your audience at a DJ gig or any other event. In order to make sure that everyone in attendance can hear and enjoy the music, you will want to bring enough power to cover the space. Power amps are vital in this process, along with other tools of the trade such as microphones, headphones, DJ turntables, DJ mixers, and more. Car Audio Closeout has a great selection of all of these components and we offer competitive prices to help you get the gear you need at a price you like.

While it might seem like you could just hook up your computer to a DJ mixer and some basic speakers to entertain a crowd with great music, that kind of system is unlikely to have enough power to blast the audio out throughout the room. Adding a power amp into the mix is where you can really increase the level that you are able to produce so you can be sure that everyone throughout the space is able to enjoy the music without having to move closer to a speaker. You will likely work hard to improve your DJ skills, so don’t let that work go to waste with an underpowered system that people can’t hear.

The idea of using an amplifier probably isn’t a new one to you if you have made any additions to your car stereo system. The idea of using a power amp for a DJ system or a PA system is the same as the idea when it is used in a car, only on a larger scale. While you can probably get away with a relatively small amp to power your car system, it often takes a large one to boost an audio system to be used for big events.

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