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Cerwin-Vega P1000X-AR
Cerwin-Vega P1000X-AR
Cerwin-Vega P1000X-AR
Cerwin-Vega P1000X-AR
Cerwin Vega

Cerwin-Vega P1000X-AR two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker

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BRAND: Cerwin Vega SKU: P1000X-AR PRODUCT ID: 4571844935722 SHIPPING WEIGHT: 17.8 lb




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The P1000X-AR is a two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker. It employs a 10-inch woofer and a high-frequency compression driver, powered by a custom Class-D amplifier.


  • Excellent Range and Response This speaker has a frequency range of 51 Hz - 22.5 kHz, and achieves a frequency response of 61 Hz - 20.6 kHz
  • Mix Three XLR or 1/4" Channels, Right on the Speaker The I/O on the P1000X-AR is particularly versatile. There are separate Neutrik XLR/TRS inputs on Inputs 1 and 2, with a Mic/Line switch to accommodate various signal sources. On Channel 3, there are 2 x 1/4-inch TS inputs. Each of these three channels has its own Level knob.
  • Send a Mono Mix to a Sub or Second Powered Speaker For outputs, the P1000X-AR has XLR Thru jacks on Channels 1 and 2. There is a third balanced XLR Mix Output that sums all three channels via the adjustable mix controls. This output allows you to run your signal quickly to another powered speaker, or to a recording input. Each of the three inputs is continually monitor-able with an indicator light that provides status on the incoming audio signal.
  • Useful Enhanced EQ and Bass Boost Switches The P1000X-AR benefits substantially from the presence of Enhanced EQ and VEGA Bass Boost switches. The Enhanced EQ adjusts the contour of the overall frequency response and brings more attenuation to the mid-range frequencies, creating more "focus" on the low and high frequencies and also eliminating potential feedback. This is exceptionally useful for DJs in situations where an external mixer or EQ unit device is not readily available.

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