Soundstream BX-20Z

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  • Digital Bass Driver with Dash Mount Remote Bass Control
  • Bass restoration circuit accurately recreates and injects low frequency information back into the signal path
  • Bass equalization circuit contours the restored bass to your speaker subwoofers
  • Bass maximizer indicator has 2 LED Indicators that flashes when the bass maximization circuit is activated
  • PFM Subsonic filter switch to protect your subwoofers and fine tune the bass response of any system
  • Bass output control to maximize the bass output of any audio system while restraining destructive bursts
  • Balanced input circuitry to help minimize induced noise
  • RCA Connectors should be connected to the next component after the bass driver
  • Dash mount remote control allows you to enjoy the bass driver with an LED Indicator that gets brighter as you add more bass and dims when you decrease it
  • Brushed aluminum case with chrome logo plate
  • Dimensions: 7-1/2 inc h L x 5 inch W x 1 inch H
Manufacturer :Soundstream
Model : BX20Z
Weight :2.5 lb
Warranty :