Road Kill RKFR6

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  • F.A.S.T. Ring Kit for 6" and 6.5" speakers
  • For Acoustically Sealing Transducer
  • 3-Ring DNA:
    • Gasket for speaker mounting to the baffle plate surface
    • Middle ring to mount around the outer edge of the speaker
    • Circular foam pad goes behind the speaker to absorb unwanted reflections on hard surfaces, such as inside a car door
  • Automotive-grade open-cell foam
  • Includes 3 piece foam speaker rings
  • Acoustically seals speakers for better sound performance
  • Absorbs rear wave, prevents front and rear wave cancellation and reduces panels vibrations
  • Reduce panel vibration
  • Increase mid-bass response
  • Enhanced audio output efficiency
  • Minimize destructive wave interference
  • Help prevent front and rear wave cancellation
  • Easy installation with peel & stick application
  • Maximize performance for speaker installations
Manufacturer :Roadkill
Model : RKFR6
Weight :11.2 lb
Warranty :