Pioneer ND-DVR100

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The Pioneer ND-DVR100 is a super low profile Dash Camera that will help protecting your vehicle and is your third eye on the road. It records in High Definition and has a wide range (114° viewing angle) so nothing will go by unnoticed. In Parking Mode, the Dash Camera automatically detects movement so any collision while being parked will also be automatically recorded. Even at night, you can record clearly thanks to the Pioneer "Night Mode" Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature. The ND-DVR100 Dash Camera is powered by your cigarette lighter and a 500 mAH battery is also supplied for Parking Mode. An 8GB Micro SD Card is also included.


  • Super low footprint installation for discrete mounting
  • 114° ultra-wide viewing angle 
  • GPS/Glonass records location and speed data 
  • Parking Mode automatically records when motion is detected
  • Full HD recording at 27.5 fps to provide high quality footage
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) image processing for Night Mode operation
  • 8GB Micro SD card included 
  • Cigarette Lighter power
  • 500mAh battery for Parking Mode


  • FULL 1080P RECORDING: 140° ultra-wide viewing angle. Record all videos and events in full 1080P. Watch videos on your pc or directly on the cameras display. Full HD recording at 27.5fps to provide high quality footage. G-SENSOR: With the built-in G-Sensor the ND-DVR100 automatically begins recording when the unit detects a shock or movement. The Pioneer ND-DVR100 belongs to a new generation of smart dash cameras, developed to cater for any unexpected situations.
  • BULIT-IN GPS: Tracks and records the time, longitude and latitude where an event may have occurred. 140° ultra-wide viewing angle. PARKING MODE: When parked the camera initiates standby mode and records when the G-Sensor is triggered, or when motion in front of the camera is detected. BUILT-IN BATTERY: approximately 1 hour recording time. Li-ion battery (500mAh). Incorporating a built-in G sensor, this dash cam can detect sudden impact and automatically begin recording.
  • PHOTO-CAMERA: Allows you to remove the camera from the vehicle to take up close photos when needed. ADJUSTABLE TILT CAMERA LENS: Adjust the camera lens to compensate for various windshield angles. NIGHT MODE: Wide Dynamic Range image processing for Night Mode operation. Capture finer details, from licence plate numbers to facial features, all in full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution with the ND-DVR100. Its onboard storage can store up to 50 minutes of footage.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The ND-DVR100 is designed to mount closer to the headliner and can be tucked away behind the rearview mirror. VIEWING ANGLE: 140° ultra-wide viewing angle. INSTALLATION: Super low footprint installation for discrete mounting. Unobtrusive And Attractive Not only is the ND-DVR100 stylishly designed and compact even with an inbuilt colour screen, it can also be conveniently and discreetly mounted in most vehicles on the market. This is achieved without compromising road visibility
Manufacturer :Pioneer
Model : NDDVR100
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