Pioneer CD-R510

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The CD-R510 card remote control is an add-on or replacement remote for Pioneer CD receivers. It controls source selection, audio adjustments, fast forward, rewind, track up/down, volume, power, and phone answer/hang-up functions (for Bluetooth® enabled units). The numeric keypad is used for direct track or preset selection or to dial a telephone number (for Bluetooth® enabled units).


  • Volume Up/Down
  • Radio/Satellite Radio Band; Escape (cancel control functions)
  • Function select
  • Source select
  • Audio (sound quality functions)
  • Attenuate (instantly reduces volume by 90%)
  • Program
  • Off Hook/On Hook (for Bluetooth)
  • Joystick (for manual seek tuning, fast forward/reverse, and track search)
    • 4 directions + select
  • Numeric Keypad (0-9) for direct track or preset selection, or to dial a telephone number (for Bluetooth)
  • Direct (for direct track selection)
  • Clear (to cancel numeric input when using keypad)
Manufacturer :Pioneer
Model : CDR510
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SKU : CD-R510
Warranty :1 year manufacturer warranty