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The CRUX BEEBT-22HH seamlessly adds Hands Free Bluetooth and wireless audio streaming to your factory stereo system in your vehicle. This adapter automatically pairs with your phone each time you get into your vehicle and has DSP echo cancellation which ensures a crystal clear conversation for every phone call. Not only will you be able to answer and end phone calls using your radio and steering wheel controls, incoming caller information will also display on your radio. The CRUX also supports voice dialing if using a cell phone equipped with this feature.

Not only does the CRUX add Hands Free calling to your vehicles factory stereo system it also allows you to wirelessly stream your favorite jams from any A2DP capable phone to your car’s front speakers. Perfect for Android, iPhone and so much more!


  • HD Quality Sound: Get the best possible sound from your device with HD Audio. This product provides a direct link from your vehicle's radio to your iPod/iPhone/Other Device, so you can experience excellent sound quality. FM Transmitters are unable to provide full quality sound because they transmit over the radio - the BEEBL-23 connects directly to your vehicle for a full quality audio connection.
  • Simple Control From Radio: Control your audio device using the buttons on your radio. Next track, previous track, and volume control are all basic features we take for granted. This adapter integrates these important car stereo features with your device allowing the car to have control. If you have steering wheel radio controls they will work for your iPod and iPhone.
  • Online Audio Streaming: No restrictions on how you can use your iPhone/Android means online streaming music sources will still be able to play through this adapter. Pandora and many other applications support adapters with track control features (remote, steering wheel, and/or radio).
  • Bluetooth Handsfree: When calls are placed, your music will pause and a single button presson the unit or radio will accept the call. When done, just another button press ends the call, all without taking the phone out of your pocket.