Cerwin-Vega INT-118s V2 (INT-118SV2)

Cerwin Vega
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The new Intense Series loudspeakers deliver the performance you demand at a price you don't expect. The model INT-118s V2 cast-frame subwoofer paired with the INT-153 or INT-252 V2 PA speakers are tailor-made for gigging musicians, mobile DJs, and other portable sound reinforcement applications. The new Intense Series loudspeakers re-define value-driven performance.


  • 34 mm compression drivers
  • Steel frame woofers
  • PTC thermistor protected tweeter
  • Black carpet finish
  • 15 mm reinforced cabinet
  • Speakon and 1/4" inputs
  • All metal handles with stamped CV logo


  • Frequency Response (1W /1M): +/- 3 dB 49 Hz - 200 kHz -10 dB 33.5 Hz
  • Nominal Impedance (Ohms): Full Range 6 Ohms
  • Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1W / 1M): Full Range 96 dB
  • Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL, @ 1M): Full Range 125.5 dB
  • Power Handling (Watts): RMS 225 Watts; Program 450 Watts; Peak 900
  • Nominal Coverage Angles /-6 dB points (Degrees): Horizontal N/A; Vertical N/A
Manufacturer :Cerwin Vega
Model : INT118SV2
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