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Lighting Truss

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You may already know that you need to have some DJ lights as part of your equipment if you are going to have very much success running a DJ business. However, what you might not know is that it takes more than just the lights themselves in order to light up the stage or the dance floor properly. Having a place to mount those lights is also crucially important, and this is where a lighting truss comes into play.

A lighting truss is simply a piece of equipment that provides you with a platform on which to mount your lights to they can be positioned just as you need them for your show, performance, etc. Without a lighting truss available, you could have a great collection of par cans and other lighting gear, but it wouldn’t do you much good at all. Unless you know the venue you are going to be performing in has the right kind of truss or other solution for mounting lights, you will want to add a lighting truss to your collection of DJ gear.

Shopping for this piece of equipment here at Car Audio Closeout is a great idea because we can also meet many of your other needs at the same time. In addition to lighting trusses, you can also find things like black lights, mirror balls, lighting control systems, and much more. In fact, it is our goal to ensure that you are able to find all of the things you need for a proper DJ business right here on the pages of our site. If you feel like something is missing, or have any questions for us regarding our inventory, please feel free to get in touch right away.

The average DJ spends most of their time thinking about the major pieces of equipment that they need, such as a mixer or some speakers. While those are important, all of the other supporting pieces are essential as well. If you are going to present yourself as a professional DJ capable of engaging with the audience at a variety of different shows, you want to make sure that you have all the gear needed to meet the needs of your clients. Thanks for shopping, and good luck!