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Car GPS & Car Video

  • Car DVD Player

    Car DVD players, single DIN and double DIN in-dash, overhead flip down and headrest DVD players and monitors, and accessories
  • In-Dash Navigation

    In-dash GPS navigation, 6" to 8" screens, single DIN and double DIN, CD, DVD and MP3, remote, and Bluetooth® options
  • Headrest DVD Player

    Headrest monitors and DVD players, headphones and accessories, 5" to 7" monitors, portable and permanent installation
  • Flip Down Monitor

    Overhead flip down monitors and DVD players, CD, MP3 and Bluetooth® options, headphones and accessories
  • Back Up Camera

    Rearview backup cameras, LCD monitor, night vision setting, audible and visual warning features
  • LCD Monitor

    LCD monitors and screens, sun visor monitors, custom install units, remote control, and more

Many car stereo systems feature GPS and video, though the receivers, screens and output vary greatly by model. Below is a brief overview of the car GPS and car video products available.

Car DVD Players

Car DVD players can be essential to minimizing stress on long road trips or for those traveling with kids. These players can typically play a variety of formats, including DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD, DivX, WAV, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, WMA. In-dash models are available in both single DIN and double DIN sizes, and many include touch screens, online music streaming, Bluetooth® and other features.

In-Dash GPS Navigation

Printed maps, followed by GPS systems and online software for mapping a trip were once a must for the road traveler. With technology advancements have also come improved navigation and car GPS built into in-dash stereo receivers. Many of these systems come with easy-to-use, large touch screens for viewing your route and turn-by-turn directions, as well as interacting with other features like radio, online music streaming, MP3 players and more.

Headrest Monitors

Some Car GPS and Video systems are linked to Monitors in the Vehicle’s Headrests. While control of the video may be through the in-dash receiver, under-seat or in-console DVD player or even within the headrest unit itself, the visual element is through these 5” to 7” screens.

Overhead Flip Down Monitors

Overhead flip down monitors are typically used in larger vehicles like SUVs and minivans. These units are sometimes controlled by an in-dash receiver or have a DVD player built right into them. Flip down monitors provide good visibility for all passengers, and the screen can be closed back into the unit when not in use.

Rearview Backup Cameras

Rearview backup cameras give you visibility to areas you normally cannot see when backing up your car or truck. Some models feature night vision settings, an LCD monitor and even audible and visual warnings. These cameras are especially important for large vehicles and others with blind spots or low visibility areas.

Regardless of your car GPS and car video needs, Caraudio Closeout has the products to meet your requirements. Choose from a large selection of DVD players, In-dash GPS navigation receivers, Speakers, and more. Order online or Contact US with questions.