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Car Audio Installation

  • Car Stereo Installation

    Find all of the various parts you need to complete your upcoming car stereo installation.
  • Car Amplifier Installation

    Before starting your car amplifier installation, make sure you have all the parts to get the job done right.
  • Car Speaker Installation

    Get all of the parts you need to make sure your powerful new speakers get installed perfectly.
  • Car Subwoofer Installation

    Get the right parts to make sure your new subwoofers bring the bass like you are expecting.
  • Car Video Installation

    Car video is gaining in popularity, and here you will find a great selection of installation parts.
  • Car Adapters

    Use this selection of car adapters to make sure all of your various components work nicely together.
  • RCA Cables

    Get the RCA cable you need to connect your car stereo components properly and maximize their performance.
  • Vehicle Lighting

    Go for that great custom look by adding unique lighting elements to your vehicle.
  • Stereo Harness

    Find the proper stereo harness to connect your vehicle successfully to your new car stereo.
  • Subwoofer Cable

    Your subs won’t be worth much if they aren’t connected – find the right subwoofer cable here.
  • Car Accessories

    A wide assortment of various parts and pieces that can be used to put together your system.

A car audio installation project isn’t always the most straightforward thing you can work on. It seems that there are always little issues or problems that come up along the way, and you have to be able to find just the right part or piece to make it come together properly. We carry a variety of car audio installation parts to help you get your project on track and have it finish just as you had imagined.

One of the big challenges is getting your new stereo to look natural and at home in your vehicle. To do this, we offer a selection of radio installation kits that are designed to match factory dash colors nicely and blend in with the surroundings. For example, this Metra 99-4504 is less than $10, and offers a gapless fit between the dash and kit. One the higher-end, there are more specialized versions of installation kits, such as this Metra 99-7503 designed for a Mazda 6. This part runs up near $200, but could be just the piece you need to complete your project correctly.

Other areas of car audio installation such as a SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio Antenna can be handled by our collection as well. This Metra 44-SIXM is less than $50 and includes a cable that is 23 feet in length. Depending on what kind of functionality you are looking for in your car stereo system, our inventory of parts may be able to supply exactly what you need.

No two car audio installation projects are exactly alike, which is why we make the effort to carry so many popular parts and models on our site. We don’t want you to have to waste valuable time searching all over the web to find what you are looking for - that is time that could be spent installing your system and starting to enjoy what you have created. Our hope is that all of your car audio installation part needs can be met right here on our site so you can place your order, get the parts, and get down to work. Thanks for visiting!