Choose the Right PA Speakers Based on Venue and Other Needs

If you are in the market for PA speakers, you likely have a specific purpose in mind for where and how they will be used. Rather than just buying the PA speakers that you can get the best deal on, or the ones that you think will produce the most sound, you should buy speakers based on your exact needs for the job at hand. Only when you pair the speakers you purchase properly to the venue that they are going to be serving will you end up with a live audio system that meets with your expectations.

To better understand this idea, think about the following example. Imagine that you are interested in putting a new audio system into your cars, and you own two cars that you are going to complete the project on. One car is a small convertible coupe that you drive on the weekends when the sun it out and you can put the top down. The other is a large SUV which is used mostly for getting the kids back and forth to school, and for getting you to work. The seating capacity on the coupe is two, while the SUV can hold eight.

So – would it make sense to buy the same car audio system for those two vehicles? Would you just find the best speakers and amps on the market, and order double so you could put them into each vehicle? Of course not. The audio needs of a large SUV and a small coupe are extremely different. You will need more power in the SUV, and it will have more room for speakers and amps. Space is at a premium in a coupe, so you will have to find pieces of gear that achieve your desired sound quality while not adding too much weight or taking up too much room.

This example perfectly highlights the point when it comes to buying PA speakers. Just because you find speakers that are the best in the business, or are offered for a great price – that doesn’t mean they will work for your needs. Rather, you need to access the location where the speakers will be used, and come up with a plan to fill that space with sound.

The obvious concern when purchasing PA speakers for a given space is making sure you have enough power to allow everyone in the crowd to hear the music. However, there is another element to the puzzle that you need to think about as well. Are you outfitting a space where these speakers are going to be installed permanently, or will the speakers be going with you as you travel around to different shows? If that is the case, you need to concern yourself with size and portability. They will have to fit in your vehicle, and be light enough to set up and take down with a reasonable effort. If you purchase huge, heavy speakers and then need to move them all around, you will quickly regret your decision.

Getting the right DJ equipment is of major importance when you are first getting started, and PA speakers are just part of the equation. You will also need to look for DJ controllers, a DJ mixer, DJ headphones, microphones, and much more. Fortunately, you have already come to the right place. Here at Car Audio Closeout we carry many of the top brand names in these markets, and our prices are very competitive. Take a moment to browse our site and we are confident you will find what you need. We appreciate your time, and feel free to contact us with any questions.