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MP3 Music Files Have Replaced Traditional Records in the DJ World

MP3 Music Files Have Replaced Traditional Records in the DJ World

by Caraudio Closeout on December 20, 2017 Categories: News

Advantages to DJ’s in Using MP3’s Instead of CD’s and Vinyl Records

There was a time – not that long ago in reality – that DJ’s carried around stacks and stacks of vinyl records and CD’s to their shows so they could provide the music that the crowd was looking for. Not knowing exactly what direction a given show would take, the DJ had to haul thousands of potential songs that could be played on demand throughout the night. While it was part of the gig, it was a hassle and made the process of performing as a DJ much more difficult. Thankfully, those days are largely gone and they aren’t coming back.

So what has replaced all of those records and discs? The MP3. A simple computer file format that is able to contain quality music for playback, the MP3 has effectively done away with the need for DJ’s to carry the inventory that they once did. Many DJ’s still carry around a few select vinyl records to play for their unique sound and texture, but the majority of their music can be found on a laptop. Simply by hooking up the laptop to the rest of their DJ equipment like DJ mixers and DJ controllers, they can put on an amazing show without having to reach for a single disc.


This development has taken away many headaches that used to plague the average DJ. The first of those is the common fear that they won’t be able to play the music that the crowd is looking for. When the party starts to pick up and people begin to request songs, the DJ always had to hope that somewhere in their library was the exact song that the people wanted to hear. Today, even if the song isn’t currently stored on their hard drive, it can be quickly downloaded and prepared for play as long as there is an internet connection.

Another way that this has improved the DJ industry is by opening up the barriers to entry and allowing more people to get started with just a laptop and a few pieces of equipment. Purchasing a large library of records and discs was cost-prohibitive for many people previously, but buying digital copies is much more affordable overall. There are still upfront costs involved with getting into the DJ business, but they are a fraction of what they used to be in most cases.

The ubiquity of the MP3 file is another huge advantage to its use by DJ’s. Almost every music file that is downloaded will come in MP3 format by default, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of compatibility. As long as the DJ has the right software to play the file and the right gear to deliver the sound out to their speakers, the sound should be able to be played instantly. Compare that with the time it used to take to dig through boxes of records to find just the right one and it is easy to see why the MP3 is such a huge upgrade over the days gone by.

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