One of the first components you will want to find when you start to put together your new car stereo is the car speakers. If the car speakers you choose aren’t capable of producing the kind of audio that you expect from your system, it really doesn’t matter what you do with the rest of the project. The speakers might be the last point in the system before the sound is blasted out to the car, but they also might be the most important. You don’t want an otherwise great system to be failed at the last second by substandard car speakers, so make sure you get some that are able to live up to the rest of your components.

As you start to figure out which car speakers to select for your project, size is one of the first considerations you will need to make. For example, here at, we offer speakers ranging from 3.5’’ all the way up to 8’’. That is a significant difference, so you need to know what you are looking for and what will work best in your vehicle. The size of your speakers needs to fall in line with the rest of your system so that all of the parts and pieces are able to work properly together. Do ample research before placing orders for your gear so that you can be sure everything you purchase is going to be able to properly perform when the system is all installed.

The ability of various speakers to handle power is something that you will need to understand and review while getting your system organized. Different car speakers are rated for their ability to handle different amounts of power, and mismatching your speakers with the rest of your system can result in poor performance or damage to the speakers. Only when you are able to install speakers that have the right capacity for power that your system is supplying will you be able to enjoy the top quality audio performance that you are expecting.

Another element to think about as you shop through the assortment of car speakers we have available is whether you are going to use full-range speakers, or component speakers. Most likely, your vehicle came from the factory with full-range speakers, so you could choose to simply replace them with a more-powerful or higher-quality version of the same thing. A full-range speaker has everything you need all within one speaker, making for a much less complicated job than with component speakers. However, if you want a truly amazing audio experience from your system, you might want to consider the idea of component speakers. This approach will likely be most costly, and will require more know-how to be installed properly, the end result can be incredible. Be sure to research both options carefully and decide before you get started if you are going to take a full-range or component approach to your car speakers.

If you have taken a moment to look around already, you know that we have a great selection of car speakers available for you to pick from. No matter what kind of system you are planning to install, or what car speakers you are thinking of using, there is a good chance you can find them right here on our site. We have models from great brands like Cerwin-Vega, Pioneer, JL Audio, Absolute, and more. A car stereo system will only be as good as the speakers that it uses, so make sure to not cut any corners when picking out the units that will present your audio to the world. Have fun shopping and good luck with your system!