Some of the pieces of your new audio system will be fun and exciting to shop for. Pieces such as the speakers, stereo, subwoofers, and even the amps are interesting components that will really make up the bulk of your system. The kind of gear that you are able to find for these main parts will end up dictating what kind of sound you get at the end of the project. That is exciting, and that is likely why you decided to take on a project like a custom aftermarket stereo in the first place.

With that said, there are some parts of your new car stereo that might not be quite as exciting to shop for, but are just as important nonetheless. Without a proper kit and harness for your new car stereo, it won’t matter how great your speakers or subwoofers are, the system won’t come together correctly. Only when you are able to assemble all of the proper gear, including the kit and harness, will you be ready to complete the job and start enjoying the incredible sound that you have created.

Starting with the kit, this is a necessary piece because you have to make sure the stereo unit itself will interface properly with the dashboard in your vehicle. Since the aftermarket car stereo that you have purchased is almost certainly a different size and shape than the stock one which came with your vehicle, you will need an installation kit to put it in place properly. A car stereo without the right kit isn’t going to lead to a successful project, so make sure this item is near the top of your shopping list. Only when you have the right kit in hand should you consider continuing on to the rest of the job.

Speaking of the rest of the job, the wiring harness is another element that you might not have thought of right away, but it critically important. Obviously, your car stereo isn’t going to be able to play one note of music if it doesn’t have any power – and that is where the harness comes into play. You need to get the right wiring harness so the stereo can draw power from your vehicle and run the system that you have put into place. Without the right harness, you will be left with no power, and a bunch of useless equipment that is unable to serve its intended purpose. Rather than getting to the end of the job and then realizing you are without the right harness, make sure that both the kit and harness are items that you shop for relatively early in the process.

While there is room for style and creativity with the rest of your car audio project, those factors go out the window when talking about the kit and harness – you simply need the right parts for the job. These are not a matter of taste or personal preference like it is when you decide which speakers look the best. Rather, you need to carefully check the specs on the other gear you are using to find the right kit and harness that will allow you to compete the install of your equipment successfully.

Car Audio Closeouts aims to have all of the right equipment for you to build the system of your dreams quickly and easily. We hope that you will enjoy looking around the pages of our site and picking out just the right combination of components – including the kit and harness – until you are able to make the perfect sound inside your vehicle.