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CES TV’s Leave 4K Behind

CES TV’s Leave 4K Behind

by Caraudio Closeout on February 14, 2018 Categories: News

TV Technology Continues to Move Incredibly Fast at CES Show

Every year, the CES show in Las Vegas unveils the latest and greatest in new technologies. Technology moves at an incredibly fast past, and what seems new and innovative one year can be old news just twelve months later. It is amazing how fast technology is changing the world today, and the CES show is just a sneak peek at all of those rapid innovations.

Last year, 4K televisions were all the rage at CES. Stepping up from traditional HD displays, these new TV’s promised a better resolution and overall viewing experience. Most of the top TV manufacturers were getting into the 4K business, and the technology promised to take over the TV market in short order. Despite being rather expensive for consumers, 4K TV’s have indeed proved to be quite popular. However, just as is the case with most other technologies, this year’s CES show seems to have forgotten all about 4K displays as manufacturers have moved on to new features that they can impress the buying public with.

If you have recently purchased a 4K television, don’t worry – that technology is still outstanding, and you should be able to enjoy the high resolution display for years to come. However, if you are currently in the market for a new TV and want to get the latest technology available, you will be interested in some of the newer developments that will soon be found in retail outlets across the country.

Even Thinner

It might be hard to believe, but some of the companies putting on displays at CES have managed to make their screens even thinner than previous models. Just when you likely thought the TV’s on the market today couldn’t possibly be any thinner, they have managed to shrink them yet again. For example, Sony is promoting a model which is just .2 inches thick – a seemingly impossible number for a television.

More Acronyms: HDR

Do you know what HDR stands for in the television world? If not, you likely will soon. It stands for high dynamic range, meaning that the TV’s with this technology are able to produce a wider range of contrast than previous versions. Almost all of the manufacturers are going to be offering models that include HDR, so expect for this to become a feature that you are able to find quite easily in the years to come.

Viewing on the Curve

Curved TV’s are also another popular technology, especially with TV maker Samsung. There are a number of different advantages that are promoted along with purchasing a curved TV, and you will have to decide for yourself if it is something that you are interested in. Of course, with a curved TV, you will have to have a little bit more room available and you won’t be able to hang it flat along the wall like you can with some of the latest, ultra-thin models.

To be sure, it is an exciting time to be a technology fan – especially if you love TV. Each year the CES show offers more and more high-tech gadgetry to play with and enjoy, and the 2015 show was no different.

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