Learning to Use a DJ Mixer is a Fundamental of the Business

One of the first pieces of equipment that most aspiring DJ’s acquire is a DJ mixer, and for good reason. A mixer, as the name would indicate, allows for multiple channels of music to be ‘mixed’ together and the DJ can move back and forth between them seamlessly, or blend the two (or more) together. While many DJ’s will start with a simple two channel mixer to learn the basics, experienced professionals often work with a much larger mixer. While it isn’t necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a mixer right up front, it is important to get a quality unit that will allow for learning and the gathering of experience.

As you probably already know, there is more to a DJ booth setup than just plugging in a DJ mixer. Equipment like PA speakers, DJ turntables, DJ headphones, microphones, and many more items are often needed to build a quality system that is capable of putting on a good show. There is far more to being a good DJ than just having the right equipment, but that certainly is a positive first step. Once you have the right gear in place, including a proper DJ mixer, you can begin the process of building your career.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that all a DJ does is simply turn on a song and stand there for a few minutes while it plays. Putting on a good show and entertaining a room for a party requires much more than that – and a lot of it starts with the mixer. For example, having a song playing on one channel while the next song is cued up on another channel and ready to be faded in at just the right time provides for a seamless music experience. Nothing puts a stop to an active dance floor faster than dead air over the speakers, so using the mixer properly is a fundamental of ensuring that everyone has a good time. Of course there are far more advanced techniques and functions of a DJ mixer that can be used, but it all starts with the basics.

The mixer can also serve as a sort of ‘hub’ for all of your various inputs that you bring with you to a show. You almost certainly have music on a laptop computer that you play, but you could also use a CD player or vinyl record player connected to the mixer before the music goes out to the amp and speakers. Without a good mixer, there would be no way to bring together these elements and you would be stuck just choosing one basic channel of music for the whole night. Whether you have been working as a DJ for years or you are just getting started, there is no doubting the importance of having the right mixer for your work.

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